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A Little History About Jack's Jigs:

Jack's Jigs started in 1977, with Jack Remus. He called the business Jack's and it was located on the south side of Milwaukee WI. Jack was one of the first jig makers to offer many different hook sizes for each jig size. Jack was a licenesed charter captain owning the charter boat called " Leader". Jack fished the lakes around Milwaukee and Waukesha county during his life where he met and became friends with the now famous guide and tv host Joe Bucher. Joe and Jack worked together  designing many different jigs including the much-used Jack's Weedless jig and the popular Musky Swimmer jig .

Jack ran the company from 1977 until 2000 when he suddenly past away. A new couple, the Timians from Boulder Junction in Wisconsin's Northwoods, purchased the business in 2002. In 2015, avid fishermen Mike Donahue and Mark Lenda, purchased the business and operate it out of the same Northwoods region.  All along, Jack's Jigs has retained both its name and product quality. Many tackle shops throughout the Northwoods carry our products and many more are available online. Contact us any time for customizable orders.

Jack's Jigs is dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments contact us at

Note: We will paint jigs to any color made by CS Coatings with a minimum quanity required.


Jack's Jigs
P.O. Box 265 
Presque Isle, WI 54557

Phone: (715)-385-3335
    Cell: (414) 828-2904



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